Metal Roofing

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Each Green Metal Roof System is individually engineered and designed to meet all of your building

requirements, as well as local building codes.  Future maintenance and energy cost considerations receive major attention. Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacturing process.

Roofing For:

     -New Construction                     -Existing Buildings


     -Architectural                             -Canopies & Facades

Trapezoidal Structural Standing Seam Roof Systems

The snap-together system, Ultra-Dek, and field seamed system, Double-Lok, were engineered from concept to installation for strength, durability, and weather-ability. The standing seams are a full three inches above the lowest part of the panel, well above the water level as it flows off the roof. The seams have factory-applied mastic to insure a secure, weather-tight seam.

Concealed Fastening System

The standard offering for the Ultra-Dek and Double-Lok systems is a floating clip that cannot be installed unless the tab is centered in the clip base. This feature provides for maximum efficiency of the clip and panel.

Special conditions may require the use of the unique Articulating Clip, which is designed to eliminate binding and friction in a misaligned substrate application.

A 4" sliding clip is available for the Double-Lok system which eliminates roof steps on a double slope building up to 990' wide or a single slope building up to 495' wide. These clips are available in a high and low version for use with different thicknesses of vinyl-backed fiberglass insulation.

Uplift Ratings

Both Systems carry Underwriters Laboratories Fire Resistance and Wind Uplift (UL90) ratings covering a wide range of roof designs. In addition, the Double-Lok system has met all test requirements specified in CEGS 07416/ASTM E1592 Standing Seam Metal Roof System guide specification.


Panels can be installed before or after the exterior walls are in place and all trim is attached after the roof is installed. With a recommended minimum slope of 1/4:12, these roof systems can be used on all types of construction - masonry, metal, or wood - for either new construction or retro-fit.

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