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According to the SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) more solar was brought online in the past 18 months than in the prior 30 years combined. Why is now the perfect time to install solar panels? Click on the image below to see what NBR has to say about going solar.

Solar Roofing


Metal Roofing + Solar Arrays: The Perfect Combination

Metal Roofing

  • Low maintenance during its more than 40 year life span.
  • Durability for wind, fire, hail and U.V.
  • Virtually 100% recyclable, allowing for reduced landfill mess and comprised of 25% to 35% post-consumer recycled steel.
  • Cool roof colors of metal panel systems.
  • Unsurpassed warranties compared to both conventional roofing companies and solar module manufacturers.

The Solutions

  • Glass-Based Crystalline Silicon, a rigid photovoltaic module, which can be installed on standing seam roofs using a non-penetrating clamp assembly, offers the highest energy conversion efficiency but also weighs 3 pounds per square foot.
  • Flexible Thin Film, a lightweight (approximately 3/4 pound per square foot) module that is typically adhered to the metal roof panel in a factory environment, allows the photovoltaic array to be installed as the roof panels are installed. Though less efficient than crystalline modules, flexible thin film is sometimes preferred due to its lighter weight and discreet appearance.

Existing and new standing seam metal roofs make ideal substrates for PV systems since they can be attached to the roof without penetrations. Furthermore, a metal roof is poised to outlive the solar equipment, saving removal and replacement costs associated with roof materials with shorter life spans.

Glass-Based Crystalline Silicon

The crystalline solution is a rigid module which can be installed on standing seam roofs using a non-penetrating clamp assembly. This option provides the highest energy conversion efficiency at 13-18%, which is about 10 watts per square foot. The glass-based crystalline module weighs 3-4 pounds per square foot. The modules perform best during peak sunlight hours.

Glass Based Crystalline Silicon Solar Roofing

Flexible Thin Film

This lightweight option, approximately 3/4 pound per square foot, is typically adhered to the metal roof panel in a manufacturing facility, allowing the solar array to be installed as the roofing system is installed. Thin film is less efficient than crystalline modules with a 5-10% efficiency rate at about 5 watts per square foot. Flexible thin film does perform better than crystalline modules in low light conditions.

Flexible Thin Film Solar Roofing

Pre-designed Grid-tied Kits

From 700W to 60kW, MBCI kits are ideal for existing or new commercial construction projects. MBCI will provide the education, guidance, technical support and most of the materials needed for a successful solar implementation.

Each MBCI solar kit contains:

  • Leading brand name polycrystalline or amorphous silicon PV Modules
  • Inverter
  • DC Electrical wiring (DC fuses and 50' wire whips for each string sized to meet the requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC) to connect the solar modules to the combiner boxes)
  • Combiner Boxes
  • Lightning arrestors
  • Mounting hardware for PV modules
  • One-line electrical drawings
  • Electrical specifications for the contractor's installation
  • Module and inverter installation manuals




"Google recently invested $300 million in a fund for residential solar power"

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